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the market leader in secure communication solutions.

Healthcare sector

PryvateNow communication platforms are offered as an easy to use solution, enabling business to focus on their business without worrying about privacy and security.

Pryvate secure all of your communication. Our market leading security and encryption technologies enable business users, care workers, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, doctors and consultants to easily communicate and safely exchange information through the convenience of a mobile app, not only between the professionals but also between their patients and extended care communities.

Securing Video, Chat, IM, EMAIL, Secure Browsing across the internet, with secure file transfers across pics/video/word/xls etc. from your mobile device and desktops (coming soon). .

“Nobody can pry into Pryvate”

Discover great things with our app

Nothing Can Pry Into Pryvate!

Why Pryvate?

Simplify your workflows easily using PryvateNow medical messenger app.


Communicate securely across the entire circle of care

Secure Medi-App enables full compliance with GDPR and other regulations. Your patient’s data is private and manageable by only authorised users. Whether consulting with another healthcare providers or the patient directly you never need to worry about security.


Increase efficiency / Save Time.

A single unified platform customisable to considerably increase your communication efficiency. Send quick chat messages, record and transfer dictations, make private voice calls, exchange images & reports, send audio & video in real-time. With the ability to enable CUG’s voice/data translation tools (with timestamping to a 1000th sec).


Powerful FEATURES of Pryvate

Pryvate Medi-App CUG - has been developed with the healthcare professional in mind. It is feature-rich to dramatically improve the efficiency of your comm. Whilst enabling the professional to offer app download ability to their team and patients alike.

Main Features

More Powerful Features of Pryvate Medical Chat App

Group Admin Rights

Mange and control a Group or sub-group … Adding/Deleting Group Members etc. Administrators and managers of a group can add and remove members easily and seamlessly.

Unique Phone

Get your own personal Pryvate phone number. Send or receive calls from anyone – landline or mobile.

Message Edit and Recall

Edit messages to fix those pesky typos or wrongly stated information. Delete messages anytime if merited. With wipe ability once sent and with remote wipe if device lost or compromised.

Multiple Organisations

Belong simultaneously to multiple organizations if necessary. Seamlessly switch between the organizations.

Attachment Preview

Preview attachments (such as images or PDFs) before saving them. Use time saving features such as drag-and-drop.

Now it’s time to take back your Privacy!

World leading Encryption for your mobile life. Never stored, never saved – always secure. Pryvate solves the most critical problems confronting the world today – the endless intrusion and violation of our personal and commercial communications.

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